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Hotspot-secure Ubuntu 11.04 Setup

1. In the top menu, click on the Networks Icon on the right hand side which resembles either a Y-shaped antenna or two monitors.

From the drop down menu that appears select "Edit connections..."


2. In the dialogue box that appears headed "Network Connections" Click on the "Add" button.


3. Under the "Wireless" tab enter as follows:

  • Connection name: "hotspot-secure connection".
  • SSID : "hotspot-secure".
  • Mode : "Infrastructure".
  • MTU : "Automatic".
  • Leave BSSID, Device MAC address and cloned MAC address fields empty.


4. Click the "Wireless security" tab and enter the following:

  • Security : "WPA & WPA2 Enterprise".
  • Authentication : "Protected EAP (PEAP)".
  • Leave Anonymous identity blank.

Under the "CA certificate" field select the folder Icon and navigate to etc/ssl/certs and select "AddTrust_External_Root.pem" and click "Open".


5. Next, enter your IT Services Username and Password and select "Save".

The setup window should look like the following screenshot.


6. Finally, navigate to the menu bar and select the Network Icon. From here select "hotspot-secure".


7. The connection will now be negotiated, followed by a "Connection Established" message.


Once complete you will be able to access the Internet.

If you require further assistance please visit the ITS Drop-In on the 1st Floor of the Library or contact the ITS Helpdesk.