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Hotspot-secure Mac OS X 10.6 & 10.7 Setup

1. On the apple menu bar, click "System Preferences".


2. Under "Internet & Wireless" select the "Network" icon.


3. Ensure AirPort is turned on. Click the "Turn AirPort On" button in the top right and unlock the interface if locked.

Next click on "Advanced".


4. Select the "+" button to add the new network.


5. Select "Show Networks".


6. Now select "hotspot-secure" and enter your IT Services Username and Password. 802.1X needs to be set to "Automatic".

Now click the "Add" button.


7. You may now encounter a warning prompt asking to verify the Certificate provided. Please click "Show Certificate".


This certificate will be provided by either "" or "" with the certificate signed by "AddTrust External CA Root".


8. Once you have confirmed that these details are correct, please click "Continue" to complete the setup process.

Once complete you will be able to access the Internet.

If you require further assistance please visit the ITS Drop-In on the 1st Floor of the Library or contact the ITS Help Desk.