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Courses for 2020 entry

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On either the Renaissance and Modern, or the Modern stream, you can choose from a variety of study options spanning geography and time.


History and Philosophy

Aimed at students who are interested in ideas for their own sake, but recognise that they are developed in particular contexts, for particular purposes.

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History and Politics

This course examines the political and social dimensions of history, and how historical events have influenced the world we live in today.

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History and Sociology

The history of people, culture and societies, and their evolution in the modern era is explored, examining topics, such as gender, and health from a historical perspective.


English and History

This course considers history and literature as vitally intertwined disciplines.

history 6

French and History

  • With a year spent studying in a French speaking country, you will develop an in-depth knowledge of French language, culture and historical processes.

history 7

German and History

Experience German language and culture during a year abroad, and graduate as a highly qualified linguist with a deep understanding of key issues in Germany’s past and present.

history 8

Hispanic Studies & History

Explore the history, literature and language of the Hispanic world and immerse yourself in its culture with a year studying in a Spanish speaking country.

history 9

History and Italian

Discover early and modern history and explore the cultural approaches to contemporary Italy, whilst immersing yourself in Italian culture studying at an Italian university.

history 10

History and Global Sustainable Development

Investigate the contemporary problems that our governments, scientists, philosophers, educationalists and charities are grappling with, and rise to the challenge of exploring possible, practical solutions.