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Why study with us?

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The best historians are unafraid of asking questions. They’re fearless, and won’t settle for the straightforward if there’s evidence to the contrary. They’re driven to uncover the truth. If you’re prepared to take your investigations further at Warwick, you’ll uncover those truths too.

We’ll help you deepen your understanding of the past and encourage you to think critically about the world around you. Whether you’re working with classmates in seminars and workshops, or getting involved with the History Society, at every turn you’ll find like-minded people who share your fascination with the past and its significance in the present.

The department is home to outstanding students and historians. We pride ourselves on our supportive and friendly environment and our excellent teaching. Our 94% satisfaction score for Teaching in the National Student Survey 2016 reflects the value we place on your student experience.

Each year, we attract excellent students like you to Warwick. We will help you develop the skills needed to conduct research, including in the archives, engage critically with your sources, and support you in developing critical thinking skills.

Students who are happiest at Warwick, and those who do best, are students who are unafraid to ask innovative questions, who are unafraid to follow their noses and get beyond the page.

Dr Sarah Hodges

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