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Code of Conduct

Society for the Study of French History
2018 Annual Conference
University of Warwick

Conference Code of Conduct

From its inception, SSFH has prided itself on providing a welcoming and supportive conference environment for scholars of all career-stages to engage in academic debate and networking. In this spirit, and with a continuing commitment to promoting equality and diversity in the conduct of our business, please take note of the following code of conduct to be observed at SSFH conferences and sponsored events:
1. All participants are to be treated with respect, and as entitled both to a hearing for their views, and to feel secure in the conference environment.
2. All participants are expected to speak and behave in a way which avoids causing others to feel disrespected, harassed, or threatened, for any reason.
3. All participants should respect the authority of panel chairs, most notably:

a. over the timing of presentations, which should be exercised to ensure equity between presenters, and adequate time for discussion within the session;

b. over management of discussion to ensure that, with limited time available, an equitable range of individuals are given the opportunity to ask questions; if time is particularly short, then priority for further interventions should be given, as far as practicable, to early-career scholars.
4. Questions and comments should always be directed to the subject-matter of presentations, and remain constructive in tone even, and especially, where appropriately critical.
5. In the conduct of conference business, the following more specific points of protocol are to be adhered to:

a. Presentations should NOT be recorded or photographed without the specific prior consent of the individual presenter;

b. Conference proceedings are normally open to live-tweeting and any other indirect social-media dissemination, unless a specific presenter prefers that their material is kept within the room; panel chairs should make this clear where necessary, and all participants should respect any such restrictions.
6. Any participant experiencing or witnessing conduct in contravention of the points above is encouraged to point it out, either directly, or confidentially in contacting the conference organisers: Prof. Penny Roberts, Dr Charles Walton, Dr Pierre Purseigle (ssfh2018 at warwick dot ac dot uk), in the knowledge that their concerns will be taken seriously.
7. Any participant may be asked to leave the event if their behaviour or speech breaches this code.
Conference hashtag: #SSFH2018