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Teaching American Studies: The Inaugural Conference

8-9 July 2019, University of Warwick

This will be the first conference of its kind about American Studies pedagogy in UK Higher Education. Building on the increasing numbers of teaching-focused panels at the annual BAAS conference, this immersive residential event will provide a space for those who are interested in teaching American Studies at university level to have in-depth discussions of pedagogical approaches in our field. In the current climate of the Teaching Excellence Framework, teaching is becoming increasingly central to both our day-to-day work and our promotions and employment opportunities. The conference will create an opportunity to examine teaching and learning within the field of American Studies at the university level. It will also provide support and advice to postgraduate and early career colleagues who are new to teaching American Studies. Participants will be encouraged to share good practice, discuss pedagogical innovations, and to consider how American Studies can best deliver a positive student experience whilst retaining disciplinary identity in the current HE context.

Conference Registration

Registration Rates are as follows:

  • Full Residential Rate (includes B&B for 8th July and conference dinner): £150
  • Non-Residential Rate (includes conference dinner on 8th July): £100
  • Day Rate (includes conference dinner): £50
  • PG/ECR Full Residential Rate (includes shared room B&B for 8th July and conference dinner): FREE (available to those presenting at the conference only)
  • PG/ECR Full Residential Rate (includes B&B for 8th July and conference dinner): £40
  • PG/ECR Non-Residential Rate (includes conference dinner): £20

The deadline for conference registration is 19th June 2019. Please note that spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first serve basis.

Conference Organisers: Dr Lydia Plath (University of Warwick), Dr Rebecca Stone (University of Warwick) and Dr Ben Offiler (Sheffield Hallam University)

Any and all questions should be directed to l dot j dot plath at warwick dot ac dot uk.

US Embassy London Logo

The conference organisers thank the British Association for American Studies and the US Embassy London for their generous support for this event, which will enable us to reduce costs for postgraduate and early-career researchers. Support will include a significant reduction in the conference rate and the provision of travel and childcare bursaries where possible.

The organisers also thank the History Department at the University of Warwick for their support for this event.