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Computing for Historians - Good Practise Exercise

  • Set up a new folder in your H:drive and name it ‘Computing for Historians’
  • Click on the ‘Exercises and Workbooks’ link in the left margin of this page [ ]
    and save (to the Computing for Historians folder) the three excel workbooks listed –exercise.xls, census.xls and france.xls - plus the jpeg image entitled ‘workers’.
  • These files will all be used to complete exercises in later sections of this course: as you work through the course, the finished exercises should also be saved to the folder for final submission at the end of the course.
    If you are working on a networked pc on campus, saving amended files and completed exercises to the H:drive is easy, but, if you are working off-campus, possibly the easiest way of saving material is to email the completed files to your Warwick ID and save to the system when next on campus. GETTING INTO THE HABIT OF USING YOUR H:DRIVE REALLY WILL BE WORTH IT IN THE LONG TERM FOR YOUR ACADEMIC CAREER AT WARWICK.