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Academic Profile

Education and Employment:

2012-2013 - Research Assistant: Europe's Asian Centuries: Trading Eurasia, 1600-1830 project, Global History and Culture Centre, University of Warwick

  • Click here for further details of the project.

2009-2012 - PhD in History. 

  • Title: 'British 'Private Trade' Networks in the Arabian Seas, c.1680-c.1760'.
  • Examiners: Prof Giorgio Riello (Warwick) and Prof Huw Bowen (Swansea)

2008-2009 - M.A. in History (Distinction).

  • Thesis title: 'Private Merchants and Global Trade: Commercial Networking in the Eighteenth-Century Indian Ocean'.

2005-2008 - B.A. in History (1st Class).

  • Dissertation Title: 'What did Indian Merchants Do? Gujarat and the trade to East Africa 1600-1800'. (This essay won the WHA Annual Student Paper Prize 2008).

(All under the supervision of Prof. Maxine Berg @ The University of Warwick)

Professional Development


  • Forthcoming (2014): 'Trading Letters: Correspondence and Anglo-Indian Private Trade in 18th C Western India', Special Issue of Genre: Forms of Discourse and Culture on Trans-cultural networks in the Indian Ocean world.
  • Forthcoming: 'English Private Trade in the Arabian Seas During the Eighteenth Century' in Angela Schottenhammer (ed.), Transfer, Exchange and Human Movement Across the Indian Ocean World, Vol. I.
  • Forthcoming: 'British Private Trade and Metropolitan Connections in the Eighteenth Century' in Maxine Berg, Hanna Hodacs, Chris Nierstrasz and Felicia Gottmann (eds.), Goods from the East: Trading Eurasia 1600-1800 (Palgrave, 2014).
  • Under review (recommended for publication in 2014 after revisions): 'English Private Trade in the Arabian Seas, c.1680 - c.1740'.
  • Under review: '"Scandall" and "Infamous Connivance": Corruption and the East India Company's Servants in Western India'.
  • 'Review of James R. Fichter So Great a Proffitt: How the East Indies Trade Transformed Anglo-American Capitalism', Enterprise and Society Vol. 13, Issue 2 (June 2012).


Other Responsibilities



      See articles here and here for info about 'Practical Piracy' a series of educational workshops for primary school children I coordinated based around the theme of piracy