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Conferences and Workshops

Recent and Upcoming Papers


'Private Trade and Monopoly Structures: The East India Companies and the Commodity Trade to Europe'
IHR Economic and Social History of the Pre-Modern World Seminar, 24 May [jointly authored paper with EAC project team]

'New Perspectives on Eighteenth-Century Private Trade: British Merchant Networks and the Western Indian Ocean'

Goods From the East: Trading Eurasia 1600-1830, Warwick in Venice, 11th - 13th January


The Gateway to India: Bombay/Mumbai as a Global City

'The Birth of the Modern Global City' workshop, EUI, Florence, 9th - 11th December

'Trading Letters: Correspondence and British Private Trade Networks in the Indian Ocean World'

Crossroads Between Empires and Peripheries - Knowledge Transfer, Product Exchange and Human Movement in the Indian Ocean World, University of Ghent, Belgium, 21st - 23rd June

'Scandall' and 'Infamous Connivance': Malfeasance and East India Company Merchants in the Eighteenth Century

EHS Annual Conference 2012, University of Oxford, 30th - 31st March


Traversing the Arabian Seas: The ‘Worlds’ of British Trade in the Indian Ocean, 1680 – 1760

IHR British Maritime History Seminar, 29th November

Correspondence Networks and British ‘Private Trade’ in the Arabian Sea, c.1680 – c.1760

Networks: History Lab Annual Conference 2011, 22nd - 23rd June

'Carrying on a Losing Commerce'? Eighteenth-Century English Trade in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea

Warwick Postgraduate Conference 2011, 6th - 7th June

'Trading Letters: East India Company Merchants and Circulations of Private Correspondence in the Eighteenth Century'

Warwick Arts Faculty Seminar Series, 9th February


'Managing a Merchant Network: Correspondence and the Transnational Dimensions of British Private Trade in the Arabian Sea'

Economic History Society Residential Training Course, 8th - 10th December

'Principals, Agents and Procurement in Eighteenth-Century Commerce: The Management of an Anglo-Indian Private Trading Venture in the 1750s'

New Horizons in Maritime History Conference, Cambridge, 15th - 16th October

'Local Networks and Global Commerce in the Eighteenth Century: British Merchants, the Indian Ocean, and Transnational History'

Doing Transnational History in the 21st Century', International Doctoral Workshop, Sestri Levante, Italy, 14th - 15th April

'Local Networks and Global Trade: British Private Trade in the Arabian Sea'

Encompass Conference II 'Monsoon Asia in the Age of Revolutions: Changes of Regime and their Aftermath', Mumbai University, India, 12th - 14th January


Warwick Postgraduate Conference

Other Events Attended

  • 2008 - European University Institute Summer School on Comparative and Transnational History