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Conferences and Professional Development

Conference papers presented and forthcoming

The Quaker prophet and the tub-preacher: rethinking the place of the tub in seventeenth-century anti-Quaker polemic. University of Cambridge: ‘Built Ideas and Imagined Objects in the Early Modern World’, (3 July 2014).

Domesticating dissent: the social worlds of Quaker women within a transatlantic community, 1650-1750. University of Warwick, Early Modern Seminar Series, (25 February 2014).

The Life and Times of Catherine Exley: The Religious Context. Univeristy of Warwick, jointly organised by the Law and History departments, (28 June 2013).

'[T]hy lawful work, and thy duty': daily life and the domestic experiences of women within the transatlantic Quaker community, 1650-c.1750. Newcastle University, Guest speaker at Newcastle History Research Seminar as part of the RHS Postraduate Speaker Speaker Series, (23 May 2013).

‘This pure act of friendship’: itinerant women’s connections and network formation within early Quakerism, c.1650-c.1750. Newcastle University, RHS Guest speaker for 10th Annual Postgraduate Conference: 'Exploring Connections: Networks, Communications and Identities', (24 May 2013).

Female ‘Friendships’ in the transatlantic Quaker community, c.1650 – c.1750. Queen Mary, University London & Warwick partnership workshop: Concepts and practices of Friendship in the Eighteenth-Century, (8 February 2013).

‘the whole Familly and Household of faith’ [4]: community, domesticity and the everyday in the lives of colonial Quaker women. King's College, London, Religion in American Life hosted by the Institute of North American Studies at King's College and the School of History and Centre for American Studies at the University of Kent, (22-24 February 2013).

'None fitter to do the husband's work': Women, Domesticity, and the Household in the Transatlantic Quaker Movement. Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies 2013 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference hosted by the Newberry Library, Chicago, (24-26 January 2013).

'Piety Promoted': The everyday lives and experiences of Quaker women in a transatlantic religious community, c.1650-c.1750. Woodbrooke College Birmingham, Centre for Postgraduate Quaker Studies, (14 June 2012).

'Prophecy has and must cease': Rethinking the role of women in the transatlantic Quaker community, c.1650-c.1750. University of Sussex NGender seminar series (8 June 2012) (Word Document)Seminar series programme.

A web of ‘community conversations’[3]: the impact of women’s letter writing on the transatlantic Quaker community, 1675-1753. University of Warwick, Warwick History Postgraduate Conference 2011/2012 (31 May - 1 June 2012).

‘Supply[ing] my place in my absence’[2]: The letters of Quaker women within a transatlantic religious community, c.1650-c.1750. University of Warwick, 2nd Warwick-Boston Conference on the Atlantic World (24 May 2012) (PDF Document) Conference programme.

'Whores, witches and scolds': The aesthetics and construction of Quaker women's suffering narratives, c.1650-c.1700. University of Warwick Arts Faculty Postgraduate Seminar Series (23 May 2012).

'Unruly women and ‘brazen whore[s]'[1]: controlling female piety within the Quaker and non-Quaker communities, c16501750. University of Birmingham The Early Modern-Medieval-Renaissance-Reformation-Early Modern Annual Symposium (EMREM) (17 May 2012).

Providential Punishment and the Quaker Debate in Seventeenth Century England, c.1650-1700. Warwick History Postrgaduate Conference 2009/2010 (27 May 2010).

Positions of responsibility

 10 June 2013 Organiser of Conference ‘Domestic dissidents: a reexamination of the lives, exchanges and everyday experiences of radical religious women, 1500-1800’

I have secured generous grants from the Warwick Early Modern Forum, the Humanities Research Council and the Warwick History Department for this one-day interdisciplinary conference. Further details can be found on the conference webpage. The full conference report can be viewed at the HRC Conference Archive.

May 2012, 2013 and 2014: Panel chair at the annual University of Warwick History Postgraduate Conference

3 December 2012 and 28 November 2011: Lecturer for a ‘Quantitative Research Skills Essay’ session for MA Warwick History Students

On these dates, I presented a lecture and Q&A session entitled ‘The prosecution of infanticide in early modern Kent, 1559-1688’ to Masters Students as part of the Theory, Skills and Methods taught MA course.


Conferences attended and forthcoming

 'Visualising Difference: Objects, Space and Practice in Early Modern Europe', International Interdisciplinary Conference to be hosted at the Nordic Museum, Stockholm, Sweden (10 October‒12 October 2014).

'Writing Religion, 1660-1830' Colloquium held at Queen Mary, University of London (3 December 2013)

'Difference' (Saturday 7th July 2012)

Quaker Studies Research Association, Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Birmingham.

'Atlantic History' (24-25 May 2012)

University of Warwick-University of Boston Conference, School of Comparative American Studies.

Training and professional development

‘Applying new digital methods to the humanities’, funded by the AHRC and supported by TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities), British Library (27 June 2014)

From Manuscript to Print: an Introduction to Paleography, run by the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance (January-March 2011)

Ordering a Critical Argument, PEA Matrix, run by the RSSP Academic Writing Programme (January 2011)

Effective Reading and Notemaking, run by the Research Skills Development Programme (December 2011)

Academic Writing: The academic writing style and language, run by the RSSP Academic Writing Programme (December 2011)

Arts Faculty Postgraduate Research and Professional Training Programme 2011-2012, run by the Faculty of Arts (December 2011)

Understanding the upgrade process, run by the Research Skills Development Programme (December 2011)

Academic Writing: Elements of structure and organisation, run by the RSSP Academic Writing Programme (November 2011)

How to be an Effective Researcher, run by the RSSP (October 2011)

Copyediting and editing in Word course, run by the Publishing Training Centre (November 2011).


Rethinking women's roles panel, Newberry Library, Chicago, 26 January 2013


 mary dyer

Domestic Dissidents Conference, 10 June 2013, University of Warwick

Event details can be viewed here.