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Academic Publications

[Submitted] '"Two words...Good Sanitation": Colonial Medical Responses to the Cholera Epidemics of 1865 and 1888 in Malta' in Alex Brown, Andy Burn and Rob Doherty (eds.), Coping with Crisis: Re-Evaluating the Role of Crises in Economic and Social History (Suffolk: Boydell and Brewer, 2015).

Conference Papers

October 2013, contribution in 'Cyprus Hub of the Mediterranean: the island from antiquity to the present day', IAS speculative lunch organised by Dr. Ersin Hussein and Professor Michael Scott.

"Ordered south”: Medical travellers in Southern Mediterranean', Risk and Disaster in Medicine and Health, SSHM International Conference, Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública, Lisbon, 4-7th September 2013.

'Isolation and exclusion: quarantine in the British Mediterranean Islands during the nineteenth century', Coping with Crises Re-evaluating the role of crises in economic and social history, Collingwood College, Durham, 26-28th July 2013.

'Prostitution and Isolation: - the Contagious Diseases Acts in the Mediterranean British Colonies', The British Society for the History of Science postgraduate conference, University of Warwick, 4th-6th January 2012.


Core Module Making History 2014-2015 (first year undergraduate students)

Core Module Making History 2012-2013 (first year undergraduate students)


Treasurer for the Retrospectives Postgraduate Journal 2012-2013


Member of the Committee for the Postgraduate Conference 2011-2012

Organiser of the Monash-Warwick Collaboration Webinar series 2012-2013

Skills development

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 2014

Post Graduate Award Introduction to Academic and Professional Practice 2012-2013


Best Postgraduate Student Who Teaches - STARS of Warwick Award