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Universita Ca Foscari di Venezia


Location: Venice, Italy

Language of Instruction: Italian

International Student Office: Partners in Italy

Universita Ca Foscari di Venezia Website

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History Year Abroad Student Views
  • I learned a great deal about Italy, its linguistic history, its imperialism, and its contemporary history and politics which all surprised me in how much I learned from them, and a great deal about Venice.
  • there is an air of political activity around the city in general - every student is a communist and/or socialist, [which is] great to see.
  • I did a number of oral exams this year and they all went well, so I'd say I've done more to present arguments in a convincing and coherent way. I also did my first joint essay ever, and that got full marks. Though I am, and probably will continue to be, ardently in favour of writing essays alone, it was still helpful to plan and write with the opinions of someone else as well, and it provided a good comparison through which to critique my own contributions.
  • I've learned a great deal about the way Italians behave and how different parts of the country operate, like the fact that towns and cities still have their own unique identities separate from each other and separate from national identity. Local identity (and especially Venetian local identity) is extremely potent, with many describing themselves as Venetian first, and then Italian.
  • The unmistakably laissez-faire approach the university has to its teaching and assessment did give me a lot of perspective into how I view my own work.

Please note that not all institutions are available each year, and places will be allocated on a competitive basis. Partnerships may be added or withdrawn at any time, and are always subject to availability. The institutions available each year will be posted in the preceding Autumn Term.

Year Abroad Contacts:

Professor Tim Lockley
Director of Study Abroad Programmes
Mrs Val Melling

Tel: +44 (0)24 765 22502
HistoryOffice at warwick dot ac dot uk