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University of North Carolina - Charlotte


Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Language of Instruction: English

International Student Office: Partners in USA

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History Year Abroad Student Views:
  • I was surprised at the cultural shock I felt. I hadn't expected it to be that different because I was only studying in America but it certainly makes you more culturally aware.
  • I was lucky enough to be taught by a Middle Eastern specialist, the knowledge and skills I learnt from her were invaluable and it has encouraged me to continue learning Arabic, and also specialise in the Middle East.
  • I interned with an immigration lawyer which was absolutely invaluable to be, I am now considering doing a law conversion course. I also volunteered with a programme to support refugee and migrant students, I am also now continuing this type of work back home.
  • I was surprised at how huge college sports are in America which I loved and feel we could learn a thing or two from.
  • I travelled a lot whilst abroad, visiting a total of 31 states in the USA. I also joined the running club, the soccer club, and played intramural sports. I regularly went bar hopping on weekends, went to loads of sporting events and spent a lot of timing at the pool.
  • In America, the way of teaching was almost like being back at school, whereby it is more of a classroom environment with homework assignments set weekly and in class discussions taking place. This differed to the lecture/seminar system we have at Warwick which as a whole was much better. I found this to be more engaging and thus aided my learning in ways lectures do not. I found it way less boring and harder to get behind on work. There was also less readings set which meant I did not think as critically as I do at Warwick, therefore I found learning in America to be a lot easier. I also found the modules to be excellent as there was an abundance of choices.
  • Mainly I gained an in-depth understanding of African American History from slavery to Hip Hop, I learnt it all.
  • I was part of the modelling team, so I learnt how to walk properly in heels, but also how to work an audience which really helped with my confidence.
  • [I joined the] Black Student Union, and the African Society (OAS)

Please note that not all institutions are available each year, and places will be allocated on a competitive basis. Partnerships may be added or withdrawn at any time, and are always subject to availability. The institutions available each year will be posted in the preceding Autumn Term.

Year Abroad Contacts:

Professor Tim Lockley
Director of Study Abroad Programmes
Mrs Val Melling

Tel: +44 (0)24 765 22502
HistoryOffice at warwick dot ac dot uk