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University of Connecticut


Location: Storrs, Connecticut

Language of Instruction: English

International Student Office: Partners in USA

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History Year Abroad Student Views:
  • We were tested on the subject matter constantly which I was not used to but they also offered a lot more modules for American history than Warwick does.
  • I have gained a lot of invaluable knowledge about American history that I hope will be reflected in my grades next academic year.
  • I travelled a lot, made lots of new friends, joined the women's rugby team and also volunteered.
  • I have gained a new level of maturity that will no doubt help me later in life.
  • I got to study subjects outside of my degree such as mathematics and economics. I experienced and American perspective of world events and history. I value the freedom of choice I was given a lot as it made my studies much more enjoyable and allowed me to develop the areas I need for my future employment / want to learn about.
  • By traveling throughout various states I got a first hand experience of how different the culture of each stage/region is and how it is impossible to generalise “the American lifestyle/way of being”.
  • I participated in various sporting events from football to volleyball tournaments. Went to multiple NCAA sporting events. Experienced Greek Life and the University clubs such as Ski and Snowboarding Club.

Please note that not all institutions are available each year, and places will be allocated on a competitive basis. Partnerships may be added or withdrawn at any time, and are always subject to availability. The institutions available each year will be posted in the preceding Autumn Term.

Year Abroad Contacts:

Professor Tim Lockley
Director of Study Abroad Programmes
Mrs Val Melling

Tel: +44 (0)24 765 22502
HistoryOffice at warwick dot ac dot uk