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Monash University Malaysia


Location: Selangor, Malaysia

Language of Instruction: English

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History Year Abroad Student Views
  • I gained a greater understanding of what it means to be white and British in Malaysia and Asia and the common associations that come with this identity - mainly colonialism and privilege.

  • While the university is Australian, thus western, it is of course also influenced by conservative Malaysian culture (plus international students who were generally from other parts of Asia or Africa).

  • I found lectures to be more interactive than at Warwick, thus I found there to be a lesser clear distinction between lectures and tutorials at Monash. Assessments were more varied at Monash comprising of short essays, evaluations, reflections, quizzes, presentations and a lot of group work. Almost all my units featured group work to some extent – to a small presentation up to almost entire units being based around teamwork. I found some of the units I studied to have more practical elements and relate to future professions which allowed me to reflect on future careers; which I have had less exposure to at Warwick.
  • No History modules were available at Monash Malaysia, so I studied modules under Global Studies, Gender Studies, Writing and Language. I learnt to adapt the skills I gained during two years of studying History at Warwick to other subjects that take my interest. I improved on my ability to summarise texts, speed read, articulate my thoughts and communicate effectively.

  • Even though I didn’t study History during my year abroad, learnt about the history of Malaysia and the impact of British colonialism in the country and its implications up until today, which is a part of British history we tend not to learn about.

  • I took a few units specifically based on Asia where I learnt more about Malaysia and Asia and the experiences of the colonised. However interestingly, possibly partly influenced by the fact that it is a western university in Asia, a lot of the discussion and themes were centred around negotiating Asian or local values with universal westernisation, which was an interesting comparison to how we think in the west – as we tend not to compare ourselves to the east.

Please note that not all institutions are available each year, and places will be allocated on a competitive basis. Partnerships may be added or withdrawn at any time, and are always subject to availability. The institutions available each year will be posted in the preceding Autumn Term.

Year Abroad Contacts:

Professor Tim Lockley
Director of Study Abroad Programmes
Mrs Val Melling

Tel: +44 (0)24 765 22502
HistoryOffice at warwick dot ac dot uk