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NUPACE at Nagoya University


Location: Nagoya, Japan

Language of Instruction: English

International Student Office: Partners in Asia

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History Year Abroad Student Views
  • In Japan, teaching is lecture based without room for discussion and assignments consist of presentations and small but frequent writing tasks with no feedback. You are expected to take a large quantity of classes to make up the credits, this inevitably means there will be some not to your liking. Especially given that there was limited choice for humanities undergraduates at Nagoya University, I filled my timetable with language classes or graduate classes because they were more interesting and similar to the standard of teaching at Warwick.
  • In my first term I took an intensive Japanese language course, 90 minutes 5 days a week. I have always enjoyed language learning and this skill helped me to settle into Japan as I was able to communicate in a basic way quite rapidly. Secondly, I took classes on Japanese culture and gained an insight into Japanese art, local folk festivals and traditions.

  • I undertook my own research project on the Latin American immigrant community in Japan which involved me organising and conducting fieldwork, interviews and writing a report.

  • I gained journalistic experience by becoming a student reporter for a travel agency and was lucky enough to be paid to go on a trip to Mount Fuji and write about it.
  • I spent some time teaching primary school children English which was rewarding.

Please note that not all institutions are available each year, and places will be allocated on a competitive basis. Partnerships may be added or withdrawn at any time, and are always subject to availability. The institutions available each year will be posted in the preceding Autumn Term.

Year Abroad Contacts:

Professor Tim Lockley
Director of Study Abroad Programmes
Mrs Val Melling

Tel: +44 (0)24 765 22502
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