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Postgraduate Submission Deadlines & Procedure 2018/19


Term 1 Course-specific Core Module essay (6000 words):

HI907 - Themes in Medical History

HI992 - Themes in Early Modern History

HI997 - Themes in Global & Comparative History

HI998 - Themes in Modern History

Wednesday 5th December 2018
Term 1, Week 10


20 working days after submission deadline

HI989 - Theory, Skill & Method (Core Module) essay (6000 words):


Wednesday 12th December 2018

Term 1, 'Week 11' ( First week of Christmas vacation)


20 working days after submission deadline

Term 2 Optional Module essay (6000 words):

HI991 - Matters of Life and Death: Topics in the Medical Humanities

HI993 - Themes and Approaches to the historicak Study of Religious Cultures

HI994 - Themes and Approaches to the Historical Study of Consumption

HI995 - Themes and Approaches to the Historical Study of Empire

HI996 - Themes and Approaches to the Historical Study of Gender and Sexuality

Wednesday 24th April 2019

Term 3, Week 1

Research Proposal (approx 3000 words, non-assessed)

A completed Taught MA Ethics form must be submitted with your proposal, and will be forwarded to your supervisor and the PGT Director for amendment/approval.


Wednesday 20th February 2019 (for full-time students)

Term 2, Week 7

Wednesday 6th November 2019 (for part-time students)

Year 2, Term 1, Week 6

Dissertation (15000 words or 20000 words for History of Medicine students only)


Friday 6 September 2019 (for full-time students and 2016/17 part-time students)

Friday 4 September 2020 (for 2018/19 part-time students)


Friday 18 October 2019

The deadline for all submissions apart from the research proposal, is NOON (12:00) on the dates specified above. Full details of the essay/dissertation submission procedure are available here.

Penalties for late submission and over-length work

Students who fail to meet the above deadlines will incur penalties as set out in the PGT Handbook.

Please note that the word limit does not include essay title, footnotes, essay bibliography, graphs, tables and appendices. Marks will be deducted for overlength work, but you will not penalised for producing underlength work, provided quality is not sacrificed to brevity. Learning to write to a word limit is one of the skills the degree is designed to encourage you to cultivate.