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List of Undergraduate Modules, 2018/19

History Department
UG Modules for 2018/19

Listed below is the provisional list of undergraduate modules expected to be available for 2018/19, and is the best assessment available as at 29th May 2018. Please note that the modules listed are those that we intend to run based on the latest information regarding staff availability, but that teaching staff availability can change, e.g. retirements, parental leave, or ill health, which may require the withdrawal of modules at a later point. If that is the case, students will be notified accordingly.

It is important to note that the days and times of all the modules are subject to change. The University does not finalise the teaching timetable until the start of September, and so the scheduling of all modules is subject to change and the days and times currently showing on module websites for 2017/18 cannot be guaranteed to be the same for 2018/19. All full-time undergraduate students must ensure they are available during all of the standard teaching hours in term time of 9am-7pm on Mondays, Tuesday, and Thursdays, 9am-1pm on Wednesdays, and 9am-6pm on Fridays.

All module nominations must be submitted using the appropriate History Department module nomination online form by Midnight GMT on Sunday 17th June 2018 (the end of week 8), and the results of the module allocation will be published at the end of the summer term. All notifications regarding the History Department module nomination and allocation process will be circulated by mass email.

Please note that all new modules in the list below are marked with an asterisk.

First Year Modules (30 CATS)

Second Year Modules (15 CATS, Term 1)

Second Year Modules (15 CATS, Term 2)

Second Year Modules (30 CATS)

Final Year Special Subject Modules (30 CATS)

Final Year One-Term Special Subject Modules (30 CATS)
(only available to students returning from the Venice term)

Final Year Advanced Option Modules (30 CATS)

Final Year Other Modules (30 CATS)


Robert Horton
History Department Administrator