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Module timetable

  Week Lecture Seminar
Autumn Term 1 The Caribbean - an historical overview Studying the Caribbean
2 Pre-Columbian populations and societies The indigenous Caribbean
3 European ‘discovery’ Representing European 'discovery'
4 Sugar revolutions Barbados' sugar revolution
5 Plantations in the Atlantic world The plantation economy
6 Reading Week (no lecture or seminar) 
7 Racial slavery Making 'race' and justifying slavery
8 The world the enslaved made Maroons and maroonage
9 Resisting slavery The Haitian Revolution
10 Abolishing slavery Why was slavery abolished?
 Spring Term 1 After slavery - change or continuity? Post-emancipation unrest
2 New West Indians Asia in the Caribbean
3 America’s backyard US interventions
4 Interwar protest The Moyne Commission
  Tuesday 29th January 2019 at 5.15pm, Ramphal Building, room R2.41 - public seminar by Professor Ananya Jahanara Kabir (King’s College London) on "Creolité and Coolitude: The Indian on the Plantation"
5 The Cuban Revolution A revolutionary Caribbean?
6 Reading Week (no lecture or seminar)
7 The end of empire? The writings of Michael Manley
8 Migration After the Windrush
  Tuesday 26th February at 5.15pm, room OC0.05 - seminar by Professor Christer Petley (University of Southampton) on "Slavery > Archive < History: Reflections on White Fury: A Jamaican Slaveholder and the Age of Revolution"
9 The growth of tourism Tourism and its critics
10 Freedom or dependency? Long essay session
Summer Term  1 As term begins on Wednesday 24th April, AM217 lectures and seminars will start in week 2.
2 The Caribbean and the making of the modern world

Film: ‘Life and Debt’

The film will be screened in the Ramphal Building, room R3.41 on Tuesday (3-5) and Wednesday (11-1).
3 Review session: Themes from Caribbean history Review session: Past papers