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Module arrangements for 2019-20

In the light of the History curriculum review, this module will have a new assessment structure for 2019-20. At its heart will be an 'applied' history assignment consisting of a museum-style display panel on a topic relating to slavery, abolition, resistance and their legacies. The panel will include images and around 1000 words of text (titles, image captions and other content). It will be accompanied by an essay of around 2000 words explaining how and why the panel was designed. The maximum total for both pieces is 3000 words. This display panel will be the work of each individual (i.e. not group work) on a topic chosen by the student. The support for this task will include visits to real museums, an opportunity to present draft displays and guidance from the seminar tutor.

This applied task will give you the chance to present historical knowledge and arguments to a non-academic audience. Whether or not you are interested in slavery in the Atlantic world and its legacies, it will be highly applicable to those considering work in the heritage or museum sectors, or where you will have to convey knowledge to non-specialist audiences (e.g. teaching, journalism and media).

The rest of the assessment will involve oral participation, a 1500 word essay and a 3000 word essay. There will be no summer exam or any non-assessed written work. This is the ‘Final Year Advanced Option 1 (Applied)’ assessment model, which consists of four elements:

  1. 1500-word short essay (10%)
  2. Oral participation (10%) - this mark will be based on your presentation of your draft display panel in Term 2, week 5, including answering follow-up questions, as well as asking questions of other students in the same session.
  3. 3000-word 'applied' history assignment, consisting of a display panel and accompanying explanatory essay (40%)
  4. 3000-word long essay (40%)

For deadlines, see those for ‘Final Year Advanced Option 1 (Applied)’ here.

Please note that the assessment remains unchanged even if you link your dissertation to this module.



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