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Galleons and Caravans - Lecture and Seminar List

Term 1

1. Global Connections in the Early Modern Period (AG)

Seminar on Global Connections PPT  

2. The World in 1300 (AG) PPT

Seminar World in 1300

3. The Silk Routes and other Land Routes (AG) PPT handout

Seminar on Silk Routes

4. Travel and Travellers (GMe) PPT

Seminar on the travel and travellers 

5. Diaspora and Migration (AG) PPT

Seminar on Diaspora

6. Reading Week

7. The Rise and Decline of Land Empires (JE) PPT

Seminar on land empires

8. Systems of Maritime Interactions (JE) PPT

Seminar on systems of maritime interactions

9. From European Exploration to Maritime Empires (GMe) PPT handout

Seminar Maritime Exploration to Sea Empires

10. Silver in World History (JE) PPT

Seminar on silver

Term 2

11. Global Arts: Embassies, Gifts and Collecting (AG) PPT full lecture notes (no LectureCapture. apologies).

Seminar on Global Arts

12. Moving Plants, Diseases and Animals (AC) PPT Lecture notes

Seminar on the Columbian Exchange

13. MUSEUM TRIP (Global Commodities) (AG, JE) Claim form for your travel expenses,  memo about the trip  

Relevant materials, links and readings on Global Commodities for your Museum Fieldtrip

14. Nodes, Ports and Cities (MB) PPT


Seminar on Cities

15. The European East India Companies (MB) EICPPT


EIC Timeline

Seminar on East India Companies

16. Reading Week

17. Early Science and Technology in Eurasia (MB)



Seminar on early science and technology

18. Scientific Knowledge, Enlightenment and Religion (MB)



Seminar on scientific knowledge

Lecture Notes

19. Religious Connections in Global History (JE) PPT Lecture notes

Seminar on Religious Connections

20. Slavery, War and Conflict (AC) PPT Lecture Notes

Seminar on slavery, war and conflict

Term 3

21. Exploration and Knowledge of the World (MB)



Seminar on Explorations

22. The World in 1800 (MB)



Seminar on World in 1800

23. Global Connections: An Overview and Review (AG) PPT