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3: Race and the New Politics

Seminar Questions:

  • Where does '1979' sit in a history of race in modern Britain?
  • Had Britain entered 'New Times' by the 1980s and if so was this the consequence of identity politics, culture, and technology more than party politics?
  • Did the new politics of individualism come as much from the left as from the right?
  • What light on these three questions is cast by the film My Beautiful Laundrette?

Primary Sources

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Two articles from the (internal) International Discussion Bulletin of the Socialist Workers' Party, debating the nature of punk and its relationship to politics.

Article from 'The Record', the newspaper of the Transport and General Workers' Union. The article was written in response to an interview with the musician Eric Clapton in 'Melody Maker', and replaced the regular music review column in the trade union newspaper.

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