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The Renaissance in Europe (HI267)

The Cathedral, FlorencePlease note that this module has been
temporarily withdrawn and is therefore
not available to students in 2016/17.

Tutor: Dr Jonathan Davies

The Renaissance is the greatest cultural movement in history. This undergraduate second-year option module encourages students to explore different methodological and theoretical approaches to the Renaissance across Europe. The module is interdisciplinary and discusses art and architecture as well as texts by Petrarch, Machiavelli, Castiglione, Erasmus, Thomas More, Rabelais, Palladio, Vasari, Montaigne, Shakespeare, and Cervantes. Seminars examine the following topics: defining the Renaissance; education and learning; the self in the Renaissance; Renaissance cities; courts and courtiers; princes and republics; Renaissance and Reform; gender and race; satire and subversion.