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Week 12: The origins of evolution, 1760-1900. Life.

Lecture slides and handout.

In the Victorian age, science and religion came together in new debates about the origin of life. This lecture explores the complex and controversial history of evolutionary theory, from radical France to the Ottoman Empire. We also examine how Darwin’s theory could be used to reinforce and challenge gender stereotypes, as well as the crucial role that women played in the development and circulation of evolution across the world.

Seminar Questions

  • How original was Charles Darwin?
  • What was the most important factor in the formation of Darwin’s theory?
  • What was controversial about evolution?
  • Compare and contrast the reception of evolution around the world.

Essential Readings
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Secord, James, ‘Global Darwin’, in William Brown and Andrew Fabian (eds), Darwin (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010)

Online Resources

Darwin Correspondence Project (searchable database of over 9,000 letters)

Additional Readings
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