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Week 13: Anthropology and empire, 1800-1900. Race.

Lecture slides and handout.

Throughout the nineteenth century, anthropologists travelled across the colonial world, studying the mind, body and culture of the peoples they met. In studying the history of race, this lecture links science and technology to the politics of empire. We explore the work of early colonial ethnologists, such as James Cowles Prichard, as well as later twentieth-century anthropologists, such as Margaret Mead.

Seminar Questions

  • How did scientific understandings of race change over the course of the nineteenth century?
  • What was the relationship between racial science and slavery?
  • How did anthropology support colonialism, and vice versa?
  • Why did field work become so important to anthropology?

Essential Readings
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Kuklick, Henrika, ‘Personal Equations: Reflections on the History of Fieldwork, with Special Reference to Sociocultural Anthropology’, Isis, 102 (2011)

Additional Readings

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