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Religious Conflict and Civil War in France c. 1560-1600: Term 1, Week 2

Week 2: The Historiography of the Wars

You should all read:

  • Mack P. Holt, 'Putting Religion Back into the Wars of Religion', French Historical Studies, 18 (1993), pp. 524-51 (a review article)
    [see also H. Heller, ‘A Reply to Mack P. Holt’, French Historical Studies, 19 (1996), 853-61] both available on JStor
  • Nicolette Mout, ‘Reformation, Revolt and Civil Wars: The Historiographic Traditions of France and the Netherlands’, in P. Benedict et al (eds), Reformation, Revolt and Civil War in France and the Netherlands, 1555-1585 (1999), pp. 23-34 (photocopy available in an envelope next to my door - please copy and return)
  • Mark Greengrass, 'The Psychology of Religious Violence', French History, 5 (1991), 467-74, review of Denis Crouzet, Les Guerriers de Dieu: La violence au temps des troubles de religion (vers 1525-vers 1610) (2 vols., 1990)

Volunteers will then summarise the main arguments of the following books on the wars:

  • Henry Heller, Iron and Blood: Civil Wars in Sixteenth-Century France (1991) [Chris]
  • Mack P. Holt, The French Wars of Religion, 1562-1629 (1995; 2nd edn 2005) [Felicity]
  • [Also useful is R.J. Knecht, The French Civil Wars, 1562-1598 (2000)]