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Prostitution and Violence from the Ponte delle Tette to the Ponte dei Pugni

Core Readings (see also the bibliographies for Prostitution and Violence)

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Bullfight in Campo S. Polo, 17th century

Cadorin, Matteo, Bullfight in Piazza San Marco, 17th century

Frontispiece of Alessandro Caravia, La verra antìga de castellani, canaruoli, e gnatti, con la morte di Giurco e Gnani (Venice, 1550)

Habiti d'uomini e donne Venetiane con la processione ... / La Battagliola (The Battle of the Sticks) (Venice, 1610)

Johnston, Hannah, 'A Sexual Tour of Venice: Mapping a Sixteenth-Century Catalogue of Courtesans' History, 5 January 2022

Medal commemorating the murder of Alessandro de' Medici, duke of Florence by Lorenzino de' Medici in 1537

Alessandro Caravia, La verra antiga de castellani, canaruoli, e gnatti, con la morte di Giurco e Gnani (Venice, 1550)