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Venice: Myth, Empire, City

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Core Reading
  • Crouzet-Pavan, Elisabeth, 'Venice and its Surroundings', in Eric R. Dursteler (ed.), A Companion to Venetian History 1400-1797 (Leiden, 2013), pp. 25-46. Brill e-book
  • Fusaro, Maria, 'Venetian Empire', in John M. McKenzie (ed.), The Encyclopedia of Empire (Chichester, 2016), pp. 1-11. Wiley e-book.
  • de' Barbari, Jacopo, View of Venice, 1500
  • Chambers, David, and Brian Pullan (eds), Venice: A Documentary History 1450-1630 (Oxford, 1992; rept. Toronto, 2001), pp. 1-35.
Recommended Further Reading
Seminar Questions
  • How did the Myth of Venice evolve?
  • What do contemporary textual and visual representations reveal about Venice and its empire in the Renaissance?
  • How did the attitudes and policies of Venice towards the Stato da mar and the Stato da terra change between c. 1350 and c. 1650?
  • Discussion of the Campo Exercise
Indications for Further Reading

Veronese, Apotheosis of Venice, 1585