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  • Seminar contribution (10%)
  • 1500 word essay (10%)
  • 3000 word applied history assignment (40%)
  • 3000 word essay (40%)

NB Each assessed element will be marked according to the standard assessment criteria. Students should ensure that they follow the MHRA style guide carefully, especially for the presentation of the footnotes and the bibliography. You are expected to play a central role in finding your own topic and sources and coming up with a title for each assignment. You may wish to start planning your assessed work early.

For assessment deadlines, plagiarism, extensions, and penalties see the Undergraduate Handbook.

Seminar contribution 10%

Seminar is a good time to practice your verbal communication skills. The best way to prepare this is to read the required readings. You are expected to attend each seminar. If for any reason you cannot attend a seminar, you should email the tutor asap. If you have not read the required readings, you are most welcome to attend; actually, you are better off attending the seminar. The design of the seminar is that everyone has at least an opportunity to speak each week. I will actively provide the opportunity for each student. You can stay silent throughout the seminar if you wish, but it would be great if you can email and let me know in advance that you do not wish to speak throughout the seminar, or for a particular seminar. The 10% of mark is based on the quality of your contributions during the seminar but I will be taking into account individual circumstances that include your efforts and improvements over the course.

1500 word essay 10%

This is expected to be a traditional well-researched, well-structured, and well-written essay on a small topic of your own choice. It allows you to try out your skills of writing and knowledge of Canton.

3000 word applied history assignment 40%

This assignment is to allow the student to practice a new skill of communication or to further develop an existing one by combining it with the essay writing skills to produce a work that convey their knowledge of Canton to a broader audience. The assignment can take the following formats, and each needs to be submitted along with an “explanatory note”:

  • A blog essay of 1800-2400 words and an explanatory note of 500-600 words. The style is expected to be communicative and engaging, presented with images and captions. The blog needs to be online live and to be submitted on Tabula in Word format containing footnotes and the hyperlink. So, you write footnotes as you would for a traditional essay. When you publish it online as a blog you remove the footnotes.
  • A journalistic article of 1800-2400 words and an explanatory note of 500-600 words. The writing is in journalistic style but properly referenced with footnotes, no need to publish it online but it can be. This is expected to be presented with images and captions.
  • A short story of 1800-2500 words based on the Canton trade in the genre of historical fiction, and an explanation note of 400-500 words. You can choose to explain your sources in the explanation note or as footnotes in the short story. Either way the reference needs to be in the proper reference style. You are welcome to add explanations to each footnote on how you use the sources to create the plot should you wish.
  • A series of 2-5 posters and an explanatory note of 400-600 words. The explanatory note needs to provide notes on each sections’ sources in the proper reference style. You need to take a photo or scan the posters and submit the digital copy together with the note on Tabula. Submission of the physical copy of posters to the tutor is welcome but not a requirement.
  • A You Tube style mini documentary of 5-8 minutes and an explanatory note of 400-600 words. For this choice, you also need to submit your script that contains footnotes on sources. The documentary can be done by an individual or in a small group of 2-3. When it is a small group the documentary needs to be 10-15 minutes and the note 1000-1300 word including in it an explanation of each person’s contributions. The mark in this case consists of a group mark and individual marks.
  • Any other form of useful intellectual communication skills that you wish to explore. You need to run the idea by the tutor and it would be typically accompanied by an explanatory note of 400-600 words.
  •  The explanatory note

    The explanatory needs to be submitted as a Word document on Tabular. The explanatory note should contain the purpose of the work (what do you want to communicate to the educated readers?), any additional explanation on the use of sources in producing the work, a bibliography, and your experience (skills learnt, difficult? fun in doing it? challenging but rewarding?...). If you work on a blog, documentary, or journalistic article published online, the note should contain the hyperlink, that is, if you have not included it in other part of the submitted work.

  • All digital submission in one file: As Tabula will allow you to submit only one document. Please consolidate the various documents into one Word file for submission.

3000 word essay 40%

A traditional well-researched, well-structured, and well-written essay on a topic that showcases your skills of essay writing and knowledge of the Canton trade.

Feedback on assessment

Written comments on applied tasks and essay which will be returned to students within 20 working days; and opportunity for further oral feedback in task / essay tutorials.