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Race, History and Nation in Mexico (HI924 - Withdrawn)

This module has now been permanently withdrawn and is no longer taught in the Warwick History Department.

Context of Module
Module Aims
Outline Syllabus
Illustrative Bibliography


Context of Module

This module may be taken by students on the MA in History, the MA in Modern History, the MA in the History of Race in the Americas, or any taught Master's students outside the History Department.


Module Aims

This course examines the current literature on the relationship between nationalism and ethnic identity in Mexico, paying particular attention to the role of nineteenth-century historical writing and artistic constructions concerning race in the creation of a nationalist discourse.


Outline Syllabus

Topics include: 

Creole Identity and Creole Nationalism  

Indian Communities in late colonial, insurgent and early republican Mexico

Indians in Patriotic Wars and Caste Wars in mid to late C19th Mexico

From Liberal Patriotism to Indigenismo


Illustrative Bibliography

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1 assessed essay of 5,000 words: the course is taught in weekly 2-hour seminars