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Lecture and Seminar Programme

Please follow the links for information on the topics covered and the readings for each week

Autumn Term

Week 1 Introduction to the Ottoman Empire: Origins, Geography, Languages, Religions

Week 2 The Ottoman Ruling Class: The Dynasty and the Slave Institution

Week 3 Transformations in the Ottoman Ruling Class: The Rise of New Elites in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Week 4 The Multiple Heritages of the Ottoman Empire: Monumental Architecture in Constantinople

Week 5 Non-Muslims in the Ottoman Empire: Communal Autonomy and Legal Pluralism


Week 7 Conversion to Islam and Islamization in Ottoman Europe

Week 8 Great Power Rivalry in the Age of Exploration

Week 9 Ottoman Territorial Contraction in the Eighteenth Century

Week 10 Early Modern Diplomacy and Intermediaries

Spring Term

Week 1 Mediterranean Trade and the Changing Balance of Economic Power during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Week 2 Ottoman-European Economic Relations in the Nineteenth Century: The Impact of the Industrial Revolution and Foreign Debt

Week 3 Migration and the Cosmopolitan Cities of North Africa and the Levant

Week 4 Nationalism in the Ottoman Balkans

Week 5 Loyalism among Ottoman Non-Muslims


Week 7 Ottoman Reform

Week 8 European Intervention in the Nineteenth-Century Ottoman Empire: Lebanon and Bulgaria

Week 9 The Young Turk Revolution of 1908 and the Second Constitutional Period

Week 10 War, Ethnic Cleansing and the Collapse of the Empire

Summer Term

Week 1 Revision Class

Week 2 Revision Class