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History and Philosophy (V1V5)

History and Philosophy, a new course with its first student intake in October 2016, is designed for students who understand the importance of thinking critically about how we know and experience the world, but who also recognise the importance of linking precision in thought and analysis to a grounded understanding of different historical periods. Who are interested in ideas for their own sake, but recognise that they are developed in particular contexts, for particular purposes, and reflect the conditions under which they are produced. One way of thinking about philosophy, first articulated by Plato, is that it is a way of transcending the historically contingent world. In contrast Hegel, talks of philosophy painting its grey in grey – as the outcome and expression of distinctive historical processes. Between them they sketch a continuum of ways of thinking about ways of understanding the relationship between history and philosophy.


Year One HI153 Making of the Modern World (30 CATS)
PH136 Logic 1: Introduction to Symbolic Logis (for non -Philosophy Students) (15 CATS)
PH145 Plato and Descartes (15 CATS)

30 CATS from the following Philosophy modules

One of the Following History Modules

Year Two HI2A5 Individual, Polis and Society: Philosophical Reflections in History (30 CATS)
30 CATS of second year History Modules
PH201 History of Modern Philosophy (30 CATS)
30 CATS of second-year Philosophy option modules
Year Three Third-year students can spend most of their time on either History or Philosophy; alternatively they can continue to divide their study equally between the two disciplines. Students must therefore choose one of three schemes:

Scheme A/Pathway 1
(25% History, 75% Philosophy)

Scheme B/Pathway 2
(75% History, 25% Philosophy)

Scheme C/Pathway 3
(50% History, 50% Philosophy)

Please note that students may only take one Dissertation in their final year,
and so are not permitted to take both a History Dissertation and a Philosophy Dissertation.