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History and Politics (VM11)

The History and Politics degree offers complementary approaches to major aspects of past and present human activity, and sets contemporary political problems in their historical perspective. The special interests of the staff in these two large departments cover most areas of the world. By selecting appropriate options students can pursue a special interest in the history and politics of a particular European country, the United States, Russia, or the Far East for example.


Year One Making of the Modern World (HI153)
The Historian's Toolkit (HI175) or any other 30 CATS first-year History module
Introduction to Politics (PO107)
World Politics (PO131)
Year Two Political Theory from Hobbes (PO201)
30 CATS of early modern second-year History option modules (one 30 CATS early modern history module or two 15 CATS early modern history modules)

One of the following:

One of the following:

Year Three Third-year students can spend most of their time on either History or Politics; alternatively they can continue to divide their study equally between the two disciplines. Students must choose one of three schemes:

Scheme A/Pathway 1
(25% History, 75% Politics)

  • One of the following:
  • Issues in Political Theory
  • 60 CATS of Politics final-year option modules (which may include a Politics Dissertation)

Scheme B/Pathway 2
(75% History, 25% Politics)

Scheme C/Pathway 3
(50% History, 50% Politics)