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Final Year Undergraduate History and CAS Modules 2018/19

Please find listed below the final year (third year of a three-year degree and fourth year of a four-year degree) undergraduate History and CAS modules available in 2018/19. Please note that each module has its own website with details such as the timetable (if known), the lecture and seminar topics, the bibliography, and the assessment methods.

Advanced Options are generally much broader in focus than Special Subjects. They address a challenging topic, sometimes including a comparative dimension, with particular emphasis on conceptual, methodological and/or interdisciplinary issues. They may involve some analysis of primary sources but they focus above all on advanced scholarship and historiographical debates.

Special Subjects are generally much narrower in focus than Advanced Options. They require students to engage in-depth with a large body of primary sources (usually comprising roughly 500 pages of texts or a comparable volume of other media). Seminars and examinations focus above all on questions of source critique/interpretation and contextualization.

The list of modules for each following year will usually be made available in the early weeks of each summer term, but please note that the selection of modules may vary from year to year and so no module can be guaranteed to be available.

Key: AO = Advanced Option; SS = Special Subject; OTSS = One-Term Special Subject;
n/a = neither an Advanced Option nor a Special Subject


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