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UCU - Strike Action 2019

2019 Strike Days.

The UCU has voted to support strike action on the following days, and ongoing action short of a strike following these days.

  • Week 9, Term 1.
    • Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th and Friday 29th November (five days).
  • Week 10, Term 1.
    • Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th December (three days).


Keeping You Informed.

We will do everything we can to keep you informed about lecture and seminar cancellations in a timely fashion. Striking colleagues are under no obligation to let me know if they are planning to, or have taken, industrial action. What we can (and will) do is ask whether colleagues are willing to let the History Department’s undergraduate office know if they have or will be cancelling events. We will pass on such information as we receive it. We are also encouraging tutors to communicate directly with you if they intend to cancel teaching.



Wednesday 20 November.

The UCU has also organised a ’Town Hall’ meeting for students in the Warwick History community to ask questions and voice concerns. This will be on Wednesday 20 November from 6-7pm in H0.52.


Changes to Student Deadlines.

All 4 December deadlines (Wednesday of week 10 - Shown below) will be moved to 11 December (Wednesday of week 11). If for other reasons you need an extension beyond this new deadline, you can apply for one in the usual fashion via tabula.
It’s certainly a good idea to try to see tutors in week 8 to discuss any remaining assessments, if you’re able to do this. I’ve also encouraged colleagues to make themselves available in the department on 5-6 December (Thursday and Friday of week 10). Tabula has been updated for these assessments.

  • UG - HI2E1-15 Historiography I: Methods and Theories in their Historical Context, 1750-c.1990.
    • Essay. Deadline: TERM 1, Week 10.
    • UG - Second Year Applied Options (15 CATS – Term 1).
      • Essay or equivalent. Deadline: TERM 1, Week 10.
      • UG - Visiting Exchange Students Term One only.
        • Assignment 2: 3000 word essay - Deadline: TERM 1, Week 10.
        • PGT - HI907- Themes in Medical History.
          • Core Module 6000 Word Essay. Deadline: TERM 1, Week 10.
        • PGT - HI992- Themes in Early Modern History.
          • Core Module 6000 Word Essay. Deadline: TERM 1, Week 10.
        • PGT - HI997- Themes in Global & Comparative History.
          • Core Module 6000 Word Essay. Deadline: TERM 1, Week 10.
        • PGT - HI998- Themes in Modern History.
          • Core Module 6000 Word Essay. Deadline: TERM 1, Week 10.


        Oral Contributions and Presentations.

        Students who are unable to give an oral presentation because it was scheduled in weeks 9 or 10 of a module affected by the strike will be exempted from the need to give a presentation. Similarly, students whose classes are cancelled in weeks 9 and 10 will have their oral contribution calculated on the basis of their performance up to week 8.



        If your module was affected by strike action, we will if necessary modify the exam paper to ensure that you are not disadvantaged. If an exam paper has questions which cover topics not taught due to strike action, additional questions relating to non-strike weeks will be added to make sure that you have a fair choice of topics.



        We will apply group mitigation to all modules affected by strike action. This means that we will compare the performance of this year’s cohort to previous years, to see if the marks are out of line. If necessary, we will adjust marks if this reveals a discrepancy.