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History Walks Oral History Project

Based on a series of online interviews, the 'History Walks: Oral History' research project intends to historicise modern walking practices, and its links to mass mobilisation, by focusing on the themes of leisure, socialisation, and activism. This project was conducted in conjunction with, and under the supervision of, an academic who is part of the University of Warwick's Oral History Network. For further information regarding the Oral History Network, their work, and the application of oral history, please visit their website here.

Walking, activism and community-building: an interview with Grapevine about the 'Connecting for Good' movement. - By Lucy Martin

"I know you're doing it from [a] historical point of view, but it's geographical as well": Complicating walking along the Leam. - By Kevin Molloy

Mobilities and the production of social relations in walking groups: an interview with Warwick Staff Walkers. - By Glory Chan