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History Student Research Assistant Programme

The History Department is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for second and final year History students. This year we are hiring eight Student Research Assistants to work within the History Department for
(up to) 15 hours per week, assisting members of the Department with research preparation and projects.

Sample roles may include:

  • compiling or formatting a bibliography for a research project
  • preliminary archival research for a new project
  • editorial support for staff who edit journals
  • translation of archival materials
  • working with community organizations to disseminate research

We are looking for students who possess:

  • excellent academic marks
  • prior research and/or relevant experience desirable
  • good knowledge of Microsoft Office suite
  • love for history and historical research
  • excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Open to all second and final year History undergraduates (including single and joint degrees and CAS)


Pay: £10/hr (including holiday pay)

Hours: Varies. Maximum of 15 hours per week and 100 hours per academic year.

Expected Start Date:dependent on projects

All appointments will be subject to a probationary period of 4 working weeks.

Application deadline: 26 October 2018

We expect this programme to be highly competitive. As such, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL APPLICATIONS BE ACCEPTED OR CONSIDERED AFTER THE DEADLINE. Incomplete or emailed applications will also NOT be considered.

Please note that successful candidates will be expected to attend any relevant training as part of the role. You will be paid for the training you do at your hourly rate.Those appointed will also serve a probationary period for the first 6 months, or the first two events at which you help out (if these do not both fall within the first 6 months). Successful applicants must be available for interview to be considered for role.



This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions.

Thank you for your time.