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Languages@Warwick online support


Many Language Centre courses provide online resources to support your learning.

From October 2011 the Language Centre is using an open source VLE, Moodle, for the delivery of online learning opportunities for all academic courses. Our new moodle 2 environment has tools specifically designed to support language learning, including an online classroom and voice tools. To best access these use a headset connected to your computer. We also include an e-portfolio system, Mahara which is available for your use at any level. Through this tool you can showcase your language expertise to prospective employers.

Your access will be arranged when you enrol correctly on a Language Centre course. We will set up access using your usual Warwick IT services ID.

If you forget your password you can reset it automatically. Follow these instructions.

Any queries that you have regarding the moodle VLE please contact us.

mahara IATL logo

The mahara e-portfolio system is open to all. We hope that you find it useful.

Students on level 5 courses and in French levels 6 and 7 will be using the e-portfolio towards their assessment. If you are on one of these courses you will see that you are automatically enrolled on a moodle support course and you can get extra help and advice there. The assessment criteria can also be found in that course.

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Frequently asked questions.


Please email if you have any queries regarding Languages@Warwick (Moodle).