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Academic Enrolment

Please read the statement about marks before enrolling.
Test/exam marks in the Language Centre

The provisional timetable for our academic modules will be available soon.


If you plan to take an academic module for CATS (as part of your degree study), please make sure that your department is in agreement and that you are aware of any restrictions.

Registration for academic modules has to be made in person. There are several steps to enrolling on an academic module:

1) Decide which language to study, then using the language descriptions and level indicators, decide the appropriate course.

2) Visit the Language Centre on one of our main enrolment days - Friday 27 September, Tuesday 1 October or Wednesday 2 October (between 10am and 4pm each day) to:

* Meet a tutor for a short, informal assessment of your language level and be assigned to a class. You are advised to bring your timetable!

* Make appropriate payment (if required).

* Complete the Language Centre’s online registration form and ensure you have declared any prior study.

3) If you are taking the module for credit as part of your degree studies, you must register the module on your eMR (online module registration).

Please note: It is essential to keep your eMR entry up to date if you change any of the original registration details. Failure to do so may result in you not being correctly registered, being unable to take the appropriate exam and possibly being deficient in CATS.

Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students (taught course or research) can study on the academic programme. Please click here for academic module fees for 2018-19. Postgraduate students are advised to consult their department in the first instance, as they may be able to offer funding.


A member of University staff can take one of our academic modules using Warwick Learning Account (WLA) vouchers. Please follow this link for information on how to obtain these vouchers:

For further information, please contact the Language Centre office either by email at or by telephone on 024 7652 3462.