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Why Study Greek?

  • It is spoken throughout Greece and Cyprus, as well as in the widespread diaspora including the UK, the USA, Brazil, Australia, Canada, South Africa, many European countries
  • It will introduce you to one of the most enduring languages spoken originally in Europe – the contemporary version has evolved since the days of Plato, the alphabet remains constant and you could still engage Socrates strolling down to Piraeus
  • It will bring the pleasure of recognition as you discover the Greek sources of vocabulary underlying the English language – in both academic fields and the spoken word

Academic Modules

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer academic modules in this language. Please take a look at the opportunities to learn Greek in our Lifelong Learning programme.

Lifelong Learning Courses

Courses within this programme may not be taken as part of your degree. They are available to those wishing to learn a language at a more relaxed pace. We offer a wide range of language courses that can take you from beginner through to advanced level, with the majority of the classes timetabled in the evenings.

Upon completion of the course you may be eligible for a certificate awarded by the Language Centre (the eligibility criteria can be found here).