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Arabic for Qur'anic Learners *Not offered in 2017/18*

Please Note - This course is not offered in 2017/18.



You are a complete beginner, knowing virtually nothing of the language.

Main Objectives:

This course is designed to develop students’ learning skills in the basic structure of Arabic, thus enabling the learner to take his or her first steps in understanding and using non-verbal sentences as well as developing an ability to recognise and formulate the letters and move towards the first steps of reading and writing simple words and phrases. It is designed for those who have learnt Arabic through the Qua'ran but do not have an understanding of it, and need a basic understanding of the grammar and basic structures of the language.


1 x 2 hour class per week plus some independent learning.

Course Texts

  • Madinah Arabic Reader (Book 1) ISBN 81-7898-466-0
  • Madinah Arabic Reader (Book 2) ISBN 81-7898-474-1
  • The Key to Arabic ISBN 0-9547509-1-8

A copy can be purchased from the University Bookshop.

Supplementary material


  • Introduction to the sound system of Arabic and pronunciation drills of the peculiar sounds to Arabic;
  • Recognition of Arabic Letters in their isolate form;
  • Formulation of letters in their written isolate form;
  • The Vowel systems and its relation to writing: short and long vowels;
  • Letters formulation in their joined form;
  • Al-sukun;
  • Al-tashdid (emphasis) and its relation to writing;
  • The sun and moon letters;
  • Al-alif al-maqsura (shortened alif);
  • Al-hamza (the glottal stop).
 Course Structure 2
  • Gender of nouns and agreement of adjectives;
  • Asking and answering simple questions;
  • Use of the definite article;
  • Some prepositions and conjunctions;
  • Use of singular personal and attached pronouns;
  • The dual forms of nouns and adjectives;
  • Sound and broken plural nouns and adjectives;
  • Singular, dual and plural demonstrative pronouns;
  • Numbers from 1-10 and associated rules;
  • Simple dialogues;
  • A broad vocabulary grouped according to subject

Using the the vocabulary learnt as well as the tutor’s own material, students will engage in conversational dialogues and drills covering the following topics:Introductions

  • Getting and giving simple information
  • Nationalities and professions
  • Asking questions in various contexts
  • Ordering drinks and snacks.
  • Describing things
  • The weather

Course Description

This course targets students who have been exposed to Arabic through Qua'ranic or related teachings, but who have limited understanding of the function and structure of the language. The course adopts a step-by-step approach to learning the sound system, the alphabet, and the various grammatical structures in a formal way to develop their reading and writing skills. The course aims at developing students’ listening and speaking skills within various contexts. The learning process will be through Qua'ranic words, phrases and texts, and includes 'suras' as well as the tutor's supplementary materials. Audio and visual aids will be used to enhance the students' skills.