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Enjoy cinema? Enjoy Language Learning? Why not do both at Warwick arts Centre?

Warwick Arts Centre have variety of foreign films showing throughout the term. If you are thinking about taking a language with us, take this opportunity to immerse yourself in your chosen foreign language and culture.

Thu 05 September 2013, 11:44

Kaltura at the Language Centre

The Language Centre at University of Warwick, one of the UK’s leading universities, announced today that is has selected Kaltura, the leading open source video platform (, to power video for teaching and learning. The Language Centre is deploying Kaltura’s full-featured video extension for Moodle, as well as its own video portal, based on Kaltura’s MediaSpace video portal application.

Thu 23 May 2013, 11:35 | Tags: Moodle home page

TCF - Test de connaissance du français

The Language Centre is accredited by the Centre international d'études pédagogiques (CIEP) to offer the Test de connaissance du français (TCF).

The TCF is the French language test awarded by the French Ministry of Education. It assesses a person’s level of French language for general purposes.

Fri 23 November 2012, 14:15 | Tags: TCF

Speak to the Future Campaign

New campaign calls for urgent action on languages

A new campaign, branded Speak to the Future, has been launched with the support of over 30

organisations to address the UK’s flagging achievement in language learning. The campaign calls

for urgent action on policy to safeguard and revitalise language learning across all phases of

education in order to boost educational and career opportunities for young people and our ability to

compete in the global economy. Campaigners have united to send a powerful public message

highlighting the vital national importance of foreign language capacity in today’s global world.

Tue 22 February 2011, 12:13 | Tags: Intranet LLL business Academic home page staff

Languages in Europe: Theory, policy, practice

The LETPP project -  Languages in Europe: Theory Policy Practice - has just launched its website:

Multilingualism has been described as an "asset for Europe and a shared commitment".  This may, however, be more a vision of what might be than a description of reality.  Reality is mediated not only by the vision (what people think), but by policy decisions (laws and regulations) and by performance (what we actually do).

A one year project - LETPP - has therefore been initiated in order to identify the conditions which allow good ideas on multilingualism to develop into coherent policy and practice, and also the obstacles to that happening.  By policy we mean European, national and regional strategies which promote or inhibit linguistic diversity in social and economic life, and also specific measures which may support that diversity, such as the Lifelong Learning Programme. 

Mon 08 February 2010, 11:45 | Tags: LLL business Academic home page staff

New BBC interactive language site

For all those who ever struggled to find the relevant resources for their courses, they are now clearly presented and divided by language. Tutors: click on Teachers' Home and join the language teachers' community.
Tue 28 July 2009, 09:34 | Tags: LLL business Academic staff

Business Language skills

Languages at work
The Confederation of British Industry recently found 74% of employers look to hire candidates with conversational competence in another language because it helps businesses to communicate with customers and clients on a wider scale:
Mon 29 June 2009, 09:09 | Tags: business, languages in the news

Teaching languages as a career

The Independent offers careers advice for those wanting to be language teachers. There is the option to post a comment if you see fit.
Mon 29 June 2009, 09:08 | Tags: staff

Language Centre congratulations!

A Warwick Award for teaching Excellence was collected by Teresa Mackinnon on Thursday July 16th.WATE

Wed 03 June 2009, 19:14 | Tags: business Academic home page staff

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