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Summer Taster Courses

Enrolment for summer 2018 taster courses is closed.

Summer Taster Courses Enrolment

WLA Summer Taster Course Enrolment (staff members)

Are you thinking of studying a new language but not sure if you want to commit to long term learning? Or do you simply want to learn enough for your holiday?

Why not come and try one of our Summer Taster courses first?

We offer short courses aimed at absolute beginners and near-beginners, as an introduction, in a variety of languages (please see below for the list).

If you enjoy it, you can then continue learning with us in the autumn on either our LLL or Academic programmes!


Duration: 10 weeks

Starting: Week commencing 23 April (week 1 of the summer term)

Enrolment: Enrolment for these classes will open at 12pm on Friday 9 March. Places are allocated on a first come, first serve basis so we would recommend you enrol sooner rather than later. 

Please note: these classes will only run if there are sufficient enrolments; we also reserve the right not to offer classes where it is obvious that classes will not be viable. A decision will be made on which of the courses offered will run on Wednesday 11 April.

Fee: £130 or 2 WLA vouchers.

Level: You are a complete beginner, knowing virtually nothing of the language.

Main Objectives: The course will provide a very basic knowledge of the structure and vocabulary of the language.
It is ideal as an introduction for those planning to take the Beginners level or for those who just want the confidence to get by abroad.


Arabic - not offered in summer 2018

Chinese - not running in summer 2018

French - not running in summer 2018

German - not running in summer 2018


Japanese - not offered in summer 2018

Portuguese - not offered in summer 2018

Russian - not offered in summer 2018

Spanish - not running in summer 2018