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Japanese Taster Course

Enrolment for this course is now closed and details for summer 2018 will be added nearer the time

Learning Outcomes

By the end of module, students should be able to:

  • Carry out simple communicative tasks with basic language proficiency
  • Understand short exchanges in familiar daily situations
  • Read and write familiar words, using Hiragana.
  • Have an insight into everyday life in Japan

Course Text

No book needed; the tutor will provide the materials required.

Class schedule





The syllabus will include the following:

Communicative skills:

This course will cover practical situations that tourists and short visitors to Japan may face, such as introducing
yourself, buying things, ordering food and drinks, finding out information.


This course will provide an introduction to the fundamental features and essential basic structures of the Japanese.


Roman letters are mainly used to provide pronunciations, but Hiragana will be taught. There will be a short introduction to Katakana.