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Simon Gilson - publications


(1) Medieval Optics and Theories of Light in the Works of Dante (Lewiston, Queenston, and Lampeter: Edwin Mellen Press, 2000)

(2) Dante and Renaissance Florence (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005)

Edited Books

(1) ed. with Pierpaolo Antonello, Science and Literature in Italian Culture from Dante to Calvino (Oxford: Legenda and MHRA, 2004)

(2) ed. with Brian Richardson and Catherine Keen, Theatre, Opera and Performance in Italy from the Fifteenth Century to the Present (Leeds: The Society for Italian Studies, 2004)


(1) ‘Dante’s Meteorological Optics: Reflection, Refraction, and the Rainbow’, Italian Studies, 52 (1997), 51-62

(2) ‘Dante and the Science of “Perspective”: A Reappraisal’, Dante Studies, 115 (1997) [published 1999], 185-219; reprinted in Dante the Critical Complex: Dante and Philosophy: Nature, the Cosmos and the Ethical Imperative, ed. by Richard Lansing (London: Routledge, 2003), pp. 305-39

(3) ‘“Dal Centro al Cerchio”: Paradiso XIV. 1-9’, Italian Studies, 54 (1999), 26-33

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(6) ‘Medieval Magical Lore and Dante’s Commedia: Divination and Demonic Agency’, Dante Studies, 119 (2001) [published 2003], 27-66

(7) ‘Plato, the platonici, and Marsilio Ficino in Cristoforo Landino’s Comento sopra la Comedia’, The Italianist, 23 (2003.i), 5-53

(8) ‘Tradition and Innovation in Cristoforo Landino’s Glosses on Astrology in his Comento sopra la Comedia (1481)’, Italian Studies, 58 (2003), 48-74

(9) 'Science in and between Dante and His Commentators: The Case of Cristoforo Landino's Comento sopra la Comedia di Danthe Alighieri', Annali d'Italianistica, 23 (2005), 31-54

(10) 'Notes on the Presence of Boccaccio in Cristoforo Landino's Comento sopra la Comedia di Danthe Alighieri', Italian Culture, 23 (2005) [published 2006], 1-30

Book chapters

(1) ‘Rimaneggiamenti danteschi di Aristotele: Gravitas e levitas nella Commedia’, in Le culture di Dante, ed. by Michelangelo Picone (Florence: Cesati, 2004), pp. 151-77

(2) ‘Notes on the Presence of Albert the Great in Benvenuto da Imola’s Comentum super Dantis Aldigherij Comoediam’, in Literature and Science in Italian Culture from Dante to Calvino, ed. Antonello and Gilson, pp. 72-92

(3) ‘The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body in Dante’s Commedia’, in Dante and the Human Body, ed. by John C. Barnes (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, forthcoming)