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Professor James Shields

Professor James ShieldsHonorary Professor

Email: James dot Shields at warwick dot ac dot uk

Tel: 07913 092034


Jim Shields was appointed Honorary Professor in French Studies in 2018. He spent much of his career at Warwick before being appointed Professor of French Politics and Modern History, and Head of French, at Aston University in 2010. His research has been supported by the Leverhulme Trust, British Academy, Arts and Humanities Research Council and Nuffield Foundation. His most recently funded project, as a Leverhulme Research Fellow (2017-18), was a study of the Front National in local government (‘How Extremists Govern: Lessons from France’ RF-2017-642\7). In 2007, he was awarded the American Political Science Association’s Stanley Hoffmann Prize for the best article on French politics in anglophone political studies worldwide. He was elected a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in 2011. He has served on the AHRC Peer Review College and as consultant on France for a number of academic and professional associations. He is a regular analyst of French politics for national and international broadcast, print and online media.

Research interests

Jim Shields’ research interests lie in French politics and modern history, having initially been in late 18th- and early 19th-century French literature and thought. After early publications on aspects of history of thought in relation to Stendhal, his work has focused largely on political parties, elections and the far right in France since the Vichy regime. His publications have examined political issues and developments in different periods, including Vichy France, Poujadism, Gaullism, nationalism, the Front National and wider far right, immigration policy, anti-Semitism, constitutional issues, contemporary parties and elections.

Past teaching and student engagement

Jim Shields has taught a wide range of modules across modern French history, literature, politics and society, from pre-Revolutionary literature and political thought to contemporary political and social issues. At postgraduate level, he has supervised doctoral theses in modern French history and on aspects of politics under the Fifth Republic (most recent doctorates supervised: Muslim women’s political participation in France and francophone Belgium, awarded 2015; Vichy through the medium of political cartoons, awarded 2018). In 2005, the quality of his teaching was recognised by a Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence. Throughout his time at Warwick (1990-2009), he also served as Warden of the 600-room Tocil residential site.

Public engagement

Jim Shields has taken part in several hundred interviews, discussion programmes, debates and documentaries for British, French and international broadcast media. These include many appearances on major networks (BBC, ABC, CNN, NBC, CBC, Sky, Reuters, Bloomberg, TRT, Al Jazeera, France 24) and flagship BBC programmes such as the ‘Today Programme’ and ‘Westminster Hour’; also many appearances in major national newspapers plus overseas press (Le Monde, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek etc).

A few televised appearances (Le Pen succession; Macron election; Macron a year on; Macron in trouble - ‘gilets jaunes’; Chirac death and legacy; pensions reform; Fillon fraud trial; Castex government; Macron presidency 'reset'; regional elections with presidential stakes):

BBC World ; BBC World, BBC News, TRT World, TRT World ; France 24 News, France 24 News ; France 24 News, France 24 Debate, France 24 News ; France 24 News, France 24 News ; France 24 News ; France 24 News ; France 24 Debate ; France 24 News ; France 24 News.

For online media, see below.


MA, PhD (Glasgow), DLitt (Warwick)

Selected publications


The Extreme Right in France: From Pétain to Le Pen (Routledge, 2007; 432 pp).

The New Politics of the Far Right in France (under contract, Palgrave Macmillan).

Edited collections

Political Radicalism in France: Changing Paradigms, ed. J. Shields – with Gérard Grunberg (Paris Sciences-Po), Florence Haegel (Paris Sciences-Po), Nonna Mayer (Paris Sciences-Po), Marcos Ancelovici (McGill, Canada), Alistair Cole (Cardiff), Jocelyn Evans (Leeds) – special issue of French Politics, Culture and Society, 29 (2) 2011, 1-140.

Politics, Ethics, and the Search for a Just International Order: Symposium in Honour of Stanley Hoffmann, ed. J. Shields – with Stanley Hoffmann (Harvard), Suzanne Berger (MIT), Michael Doyle (Columbia), Peter Gourevitch (California San Diego), Robert Keohane (Princeton), Andrew Moravcsik (Princeton) – special issue of French Politics, 7 (3/4) 2009, 359-436.

Journal articles and chapters

‘Le Pen, Mélenchon, Macron: Diversifying Political Populism in France’, Populism and New Patterns of Political Competition in Western Europe, eds. D. Albertazzi and D. Vampa (Routledge, 2021), 92-111 (link).

'France in Historical Perspective', Western Europe 2021. Europa Regional Surveys of the World (Routledge, 2020), 233-42 (link).

‘Electoral Performance and Policy Choices in the Front National’, Parliamentary Affairs, 71 (3), 2018: 538–57 (link).

‘Winner Loses All: The 2015 French Regional Elections’, Regional and Federal Studies, 28 (3), 2018: 367-81 (link).

‘Departmental Elections and the Changing Landscape of French Politics’, Regional and Federal Studies, 26 (3), 2016: 395-406 (link).

‘The Front National at the Polls: Transformational Elections or the Status Quo Reaffirmed?’, French Politics, 13 (4), 2015: 415-33 (link).

‘Electoral Impact and Party System Change: The Front National since the 1970s’, France since the 1970s: History, Politics and Memory in an Age of Uncertainty, ed. E. Chabal (Bloomsbury, 2015), 41-65 (link).

‘The Front National: From Systematic Opposition to Systemic Integration?’, Modern and Contemporary France, 22 (4), 2014: 491-511 (link).

‘Marine Le Pen and the “New” FN: A Change of Style or of Substance?’, Parliamentary Affairs, 66 (1), 2013: 179-96 (link).

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‘Radical or Not So Radical? Tactical Variation in Core Policy Formation by the Front National’, French Politics, Culture and Society, 29 (3), 2011: 78-100 (link).

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‘The Far-Right Vote in France: From Consolidation to Collapse?’, French Politics, Culture and Society, 28 (1), 2010: 25-45 (link).

‘Stanley Hoffmann: A Political Life’, Introduction to Politics, Ethics, and the Search for a Just International Order: Symposium in Honour of Stanley Hoffmann, ed. J. Shields, special issue of French Politics, 7 (3/4), 2009: 359-67 (link).

‘The Sarkozy Effect: France’s New Presidential Dynamic’, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, 9 (1), 2008: 103-12 (link).

‘Charlemagne’s Crusaders: French Collaboration in Arms, 1941-1945’, French Cultural Studies, 18 (1), 2007: 83-105 (link).

‘Political Representation in France: A Crisis of Democracy?’, Parliamentary Affairs, 59 (1), 2006: 118-37 (winner of American Political Science Association’s Stanley Hoffmann Prize 2007-09) (link).

‘An Enigma Still: Poujadism Fifty Years On’, French Politics, Culture and Society, 22 (1), 2004: 36-56 (link).

‘The Poujadist Movement: A Faux “Fascism”’, Modern and Contemporary France, 8 (1), 2000: 19-34 (link).

Online media

‘Macron’s reckoning: The European Parliament elections in France’, LSE EUROPP (May 2019)

Today's French strikes lack vital ingredients of ’68 and ’95’, France 24 (April 2018)

‘Don't write Le Pen off yet. But which one?’, Political Studies Association (February 2018)

‘Four challenges for France’s youthful president’, CNN (December 2017)

‘France’s ambiguous presidential election’, Academy of Social Sciences (May 2017)

‘Emmanuel Macron will not make “any exceptions” for Brexit Britain, warns academic’, Daily Express (May 2017)

French voters looking for change: British academic’, Tasnim News Agency (Iran) (May 2017)

The historians’ view: Can the National Front storm the Élysée Palace?’, BBC History Magazine (April 2017)

‘Why Marine “detox” Le Pen reached for the old National Front poison’, Jewish Chronicle (April 2017)

‘Terror, Republican values and a very French paradox’, Academy of Social Sciences (September 2016)

'France: Regional elections with national stakes', Diplomatic Observer (Turkey) (January 2016)

‘Why Le Pen won't be president of France’, CNN (December 2015)

‘How Jeb Bush restored French honor’, CNN (November 2015)

Jim Shields: “The EU is not at risk from Le Pen but from a lack of vision”’, To Vima (Greece) (April 2014)

‘The Front National is tipped to “win” this year’s elections in France, but it needs more than votes to claim a share of power’, LSE EUROPP (March 2014)

‘France in 2014: Another annus horribilis for Hollande?’, CNN (December 2013)

‘Legacy of the “father” of France’s modern extreme right’, CNN (June 2013)

‘France in 2013: Living on borrowed time?’, CNN (December 2012)

‘Has Marine Le Pen brought the extreme right acceptability?’, Extremis Project (October 2012)

‘France: déjà vu in the banlieues’, CNN (August 2012)

‘Is Sarkozy looking the wrong way?’, Huffington Post (March 2012)

'Political representation in France - democracy, engagement and protest', Parliamentary Affairs Podcast (January 2008)

Columns in Spanish national press
‘La fragilidad del presidente’, La Razón, 20 June 2017
‘Coser las fracturas’, La Razón, 9 May 2017
‘La insurgencia populista’, La Razón, 25 April 2017
‘Una campaña fantasma’, La Razón, 15 March 2017
‘El problema de la izquierda’, La Razón, 31 January 2017
‘La traíción de un líder en retirada’, La Razón, 11 September 2016
‘Rumbo a la presidencia’, La Razón, 31 August 2016
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