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Seán Hand. Publications

Books Sole Authored
2008 Emmanuel Levinas, London, Routledge, xiv + 133 pp. ISBN hardback 9780415402767, paperback 9780415402750, kindle edition 2012 0415402751, Korean edition 2013, Chinese edition 2014.
2004 Alter Ego: The Critical Writings of Michel Leiris, Oxford, Legenda, ix + 143 pp. ISBN 1 900755 98 X, kindle edition London, Routledge, 2017 B078579K4T.
2002 Michel Leiris: Writing the Self, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, xii + 259 pp. ISBN hardback 10 0521495741, paperback 10 0521026024, EBook 10 0511037929. Reprinted 2006, online edition 2009.

Books and Journal Special Issues Edited
2015 Post-Holocaust France and the Jews, 1945-1955, eds S. Hand and S. T. Katz, New York and London, NYU Press, 230 pp. ISBN hardback and ebook
9781479835041. Introduction by Seán Hand. Chapters by David Weinberg, Maud Mandel, Samuel Ghiles-Meilhac, Lisa Moses Leff, Daniella Doron,
Susan Rubin Suleiman, Lucille Cairns, Bruno Chaouat, Jonathan Judaken, Edward K. Kaplan, Jay Winter. Publication June.
1999 The Archive: Part II. Special issue of History of the Human Sciences 12:1, eds S. Hand and I. Velody, 140 pp. ISSN 0952-6951 (199905). Articles by
Howard Caygill, Wolfgang Ernst, Patrick Joyce, Thomas Osborne, Michael Lynch, Stephen J. Milner, Harriet Bradley, Bertrand Taithe.
1998 The Archive. Special issue of History of the Human Sciences 11:4, eds S. Hand and I. Velody, 171 pp. ISSN 0952-6951 (199811). Articles by Irving Velody,
Richard Harvey Brown and Beth Davis-Brown, Sandra Kemp, George E. Marcus, Carolyn Steedman, George Myerson, Vanda Zajko, Richard Hobbs,
Charles Turner, Peter Lassman, Neil Levy.
1997 Who Speaks? The Voice in the Human Sciences. Special issue of History of the Human Sciences 10:3, eds S. Hand and I. Velody, 173 pp. ISSN 0952-6951
(199708). Introduction by Seán Hand and Irving Velody. Articles by Michael Lynch, Roger Smith, Sean Burke, Seán Hand, Steve Buckler, Thomas
Osborne and Nikolas Rose, Judith Still, Christopher Johnson, George Myerson, Kenneth Gergan.
1996 Facing the Other: the Ethics of Emmanuel Levinas, ed. S. Hand, London, Routledge, 195 pp. ISBN 0700704159. Reprinted 2010, 2011. Kindle edition
2014 B00JIPZ418. Introduction by Seán Hand. Chapters by Alison Ainley, David Ford, Stephen Gans, Seán Hand, Michael Holland, Benjamin Hutchens,
Philip Leonard, Harry Lesser, Graham Ward.
1995 Mapping the Other: Anthropology and Literature’s Limits, Paragraph 18:2, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, ed. S. Hand, 111 pp. ISSN 0264-
8334, E-ISSN: 1750-0176, 111 pp. Articles by Sarah Kay, Mark Chinca, Wes Williams, Edward Hughes, Lieve Spaas, Seán Hand, Cameron Laux, Michael
1989 The Levinas Reader, critical edition with introduction, headnotes, glossary, and translated material, ed. S. Hand, Oxford, Blackwell, viii + 311 pp. ISBN
hardback 0631164464, paperback 0631164472. Reprinted twenty times to date.

Books Translated
1991 Eric Blondel, Nietzsche. The Body and Culture, a translation, with glossary, London, Athlone, 353 pp. ISBN hardback 0804715513, paperback
0804719063. Reprinted (Bloomsbury) 2000.
1990 Emmanuel Levinas, Difficult Freedom. Essays on Judaism, a translation, with glossary, London, Athlone, 306 pp. ISBN hardback 0485113791, paperback
(Johns Hopkins) 1997 080185783X. Reprinted 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. USA National Jewish Book Award, French-American Foundation
Translation Prize.
1988 Gilles Deleuze, Foucault, a translation, with introduction, London, Athlone, xiv + 157 pp. ISBN hardback 0485113457, paperback (Continuum) 1999, 2006
0826490786. Outstanding Academic Book Award, Choice, 1988-89.

2014 ‘Speech and Silence: Levinas and the Postwar Refounding of Ethics’, Levinas Studies, 9, 183-201.
2013 ‘Salvation through Literature: Levinas’s Carnet de captivité’, Levinas Studies, 8, 45-66.
2012 ‘Never Tell: Dynamics of Secrecy in Philippe Grimbert’s Un Secret’, French Studies, 66, 208-21.
2011 ‘Taking Liberties: re-situating Difficile liberté’, Modern Judaism, 31(1), 1-22.
2006 ‘In a Strange Land: Levinas and Literature’, Contemporary French Civilization, 30 (2), 109-21.
2004 ‘Reveiling the woman: passion, presence, and intertextuality in Michel Leiris’s Fourbis’, French Studies, LVIII, no. 1, 47-60.
2004 ‘Suez, sex and suicide: review of Pléiade edition volume 1 of Michel Leiris’, Times Literary Supplement, March 19, 2004, p. 10.
2003 ‘The Quick and the Dead: Riffaterre’s hypogramatic reading of Leiris’, Nottingham French Studies, 42(2), 67-77.
2003 ‘Breaking the circle of selfhood: non-intentional response and the reading of Leiris’, Journal of the Institute of Romance Studies, 8 (2000), 279-92.
2003 ‘Working Out Interiority: Locations and Locutions of Ipseity’, Literature and Theology, 17(4), 62-74.
2003 ‘Home: Reading the Sculpture of Roger Perkins’, Paragraph, 26 (3), 13-33.
2002 ‘Secret du secret: l’homotextualité du Journal de Michel Leiris’, Romance Studies, 20 (2), 145-53.
2000 ‘“Une fois le fleuve traversé”: la descente orphique de L’Amant’, Lectures de Duras: corps, voix, écriture, Dalhousie French Studies 50 (2000), 27-34.
1999 ‘Fort/Da: Derrida’s Freudian Bodies’, Journal of the Institute of Romance Studies, 6 (1998), 219-227.
1997 (with I. Velody) ‘Introduction’, History of the Human Sciences, 10:3, 1-8.
1997 ‘The Other Voice: Ethics and Expression in Emmanuel Levinas’, History of the Human Sciences, 10:3, 56-68.
1996 ‘Restructuring the Event: Michel Leiris’s L’Afrique fantôme’, Aura, 48-61.
1996 ‘Outside Presence: Realizing the Holocaust in contemporary French narratives’, History of the Human Sciences, 9:4, 27-43.
1995 ‘Phantom of the Opus: colonialist traces in Michel Leiris’s L’Afrique fantôme’, Paragraph 18:2, 102-222.
1993 ‘The Sorceror’s Apprentice: Leiris and Surrealism’, Aura 2, 2-36.
1991 ‘Reading, "Post-Modern", Ethics’, Paragraph, 13 (1990), 267-84.
1991 ‘French Studies: the Twentieth Century since 1945’, Year's Work in Modern Language Studies, 51, 197-222.
1990 ‘French Studies: the Twentieth Century since 1945’, Year's Work in Modern Language Studies, 50, 220-39.
1988 ‘Double Indemnity: the ends of citation in Jabès’, Romance Studies, 12, 77-85.
1988 ‘French Studies: the twentieth Century since 1945’, Year's Work in Modern Language Studies 49, 246-66.
1986 ‘The Sound and the Fury: language in Leiris’, Paragraph, 7, 102-20.
1986 ‘The Orchastration of Man: the structure of L'Age d'homme’, Romance Studies, 8, 67-80.

Chapters and Entries
2015 Introduction to Post-Holocaust France and the Jews, 1945-1955, eds S. Hand and S. T. Katz, New York, New York University Press, 256 pp, 9,000 words.
ISBN hardback and ebook 1479835048.

2015 ‘The Eros of Ethics: posthumous writings of Emmanuel Levinas’, in The Value of the Particular: Lessons from Judaism and the Modern Jewish Experience, eds I. Anderson and M. Zank, Leiden: Brill, pp. 150-69. ISBN 9004292683.
2014 ‘Emmanuel Levinas’, in Oxford Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, ed. M. Kelly et al., Oxford and New York, Oxford University Press, 2nd edition, volume 4,
pp. 194-97. ISBN hardback 0199747105.
2011 ‘Being-in-common or the meaning of globalisation’, in Jean-Luc Nancy: Justice, Legality and World, ed. B. Hutchens, London, Continuum,
pp. 177-99. ISBN hardback 1441123784, kindle version B007KZEIAQ, paperback 2013 1472511794.
2009 ‘Ab-Originality: Radical Passivity through Talmudic Reading’, in Radical Passivity. Rethinking Ethical Agency in Emmanuel Levinas, ed. B. Hofmeyr,
Amsterdam, Springer, ISBN hardback 1402093462, kindle version B002IC1DTK, paperback 2010 9048181100, pp. 133-42.
2005 ‘Michel Leiris’, in France and the Americas. Culture, Politics, and History, ed. W. Marshall, Oxford, England and Santa Barbara, Cal., ABC-Clio, ISBN
hardback 1851094113, pp. 710-11.
2004 ‘Secret du secret: l’homotextualité du Journal de Michel Leiris’, in Michel Leiris, le siècle à l’envers, ed. F. Marmande, Tours, Farrago, ISBN paperback 2844901433, pp. 309-19.
2001 ‘Judaism and Life Writing’, pp. 509-11; ‘Michel Leiris’, pp. 543-4; ‘Georges Perec’, pp. 696-7; and ‘Jean-Paul Sartre’, pp. 781-2, all in The Encyclopædia
of Life Writing, ed. M. Jolly, London-Chicago, Fitzroy Dearborn/Routledge, ISBN hardback 157958232X.
2000 ‘It’s Time for a Change: Mutations of Presence in Contemporary French Critical Theory’, in Currents in Contemporary French Intellectual Life, eds
N. Hewlett and C. Flood, London, Palgrave Macmillan, ISBN hardback 0333714318, pp.39-55.
1998 ‘Philosophy of the Postmodern’ in The Future of Philosophy: Towards the Twenty-First Century, ed. O. Leaman, London, Routledge, ISBN hardback
0415149282, paperback 0415149290, kindle version 2002 B000FBFK40, pp. 77-89.
1998 Entries on Bataille, Blanchot, Girard, Lacan, Leiris and Lyotard in The Encyclopædia of Contemporary French Culture, eds A. Hughes and K.
Reader, London, Routledge, ISBN hardback B00EKYPKCK.
1996 ‘Shadowing Ethics: Levinas’s View of Art and Aesthetics’ in Facing the Other: the Ethics of Emmanuel Levinas, ed. S. Hand, London, Routledge, pp. 63-89.
1996 ‘Introduction’ in Facing the Other: the Ethics of Emmanuel Levinas, ed. S. Hand, London, Routledge, pp.1-6.
1996 ‘Don’t Look Back: Albert Memmi’s La Statue de sel’ in African Francophone Writing: A Critical Introduction, eds L. Ibnlfassi and N. Hitchcott, Oxford,
Berg, ISBN hardback 1859730094, paperback 1859730140, pp. 93-102.
1995 ‘Hors de soi: politique, possession et présence dans l'ethnographie surréaliste de Michel Leiris’, in L'Autre et le sacré: surréalisme, cinéma, ethnologie, ed. C. Thompson, Paris, L'Harmattan, ISBN paperback 2738434258, pp. 185-95.
1995 ‘The State Beyond: Politics and Ethics in Emmanuel Levinas’, in French Intellectuals: Forms of Commitment, ed. B. Nelson, Melbourne, Monash,
ISBN paperback 0732606012, pp. 119-40.
1990 ‘Missing You: Intertextuality, Transference and the Language of Love’ in Intertextuality: theories and practices, eds J. Still and M. Worton, Manchester,
Manchester University Press, ISBN hardback 0719027632, paperback 0719027640, pp. 79-91. Reprinted 1990 and 1991.

Books Commissioned and Edited as General Editor
1996 D. H. Walker (ed.), André Gide, London and New York, Longman, 239 pp., ASIN B003KH336S.
1996 M. Minden (ed.), Thomas Mann, London and New York, Longman, 251 pp., ISBN hardback 0582216788.
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2014 B00HUTRHOQ.
1992 L. R. Furst (ed.), Realism, London and New York, Longman, 350 pp., ISBN hardback 0582085322, paperback 0582085314.

1992 (with Furst), ‘Philippe Hamon on the Major Features of Realist Discourse’, in Realism, ed. L. R. Furst, London and New York, Longman, pp. 166-85.
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and Politics, eds A. Horowitz and G. Horowitz, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, ISBN hardback 080208009X, pp. 3-11.
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‘Judaism and the Present’, pp. 252-9; ‘The State of Israel and the Religion of Israel’, pp. 259-63; and ‘Means of Identification’, pp. 263-6, all in The
Levinas Reader, ed. S. Hand, Oxford, Blackwell.
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Oxford, Blackwell, ISBN hardback 0231063245, paperback 0631149317.
1985 ‘The Tensor’, Oxford Literary Review, 7, 25-40. Reprinted in The Lyotard Reader, ed. A. Benjamin, Oxford, Blackwell, 1989, ISBN hardback
0631163387, paperback 1991 0631163395, pp.1-18.

Professional Publications and Reports
2014 Reports on the gesture known as the quenelle: three confidential commissioned reports for the Football Association, totalling 20,000 words.
2013 ‘Markets in Mind: recent economic trends in British Higher Education’, Argumente und Materialien zum Zeitgeschehen, 84, 35-41.
2012 ‘Recent online developments: strategic and practical considerations’, University of Warwick confidential commissioned report, unpublished, 15,000