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Module Outline


Week 1. The French Revolution I
• the principles of 1789
• Terror

Week 2: The French Revolution II
• War with Europe
• Haiti

Week 3: Napoleon’s Empire
• ‘the Revolution is over’ (1799)
• Satellite states and annexed territories


Week 4: German ‘friends of freedom and equality’

• Georg Forster and the Mainz Republic

Week 5: early German Romanticism

• Excerpts from Novalis: Faith and Love (Glauben und Liebe, 1799) and Friedrich Schlegel's Journey to France (Reise nach Frankreich 1804)


Week 7: France, Italy, and the idea of the nation

• Excerpts from Leopardi and Foscolo

Week 8: Romanticism in a European context

de Stael, on Italy

Iberian peninsula

Week 9: Peninsular war/ Spanish war of independence

Week 10: First Spanish Constitution

Week 11. Revision
An overview of the key themes examined during the course of the module, with a particular focus on comparing and contrasting revolution and reaction in all 4 countries