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Module Outline

Week 1. What came before: The French Revolution and Napoleonic Europe

France and Belgium

Week 2: the Bourbon Restoration and the 1830 Revolutions
(Text: Blanqui’s report to the committee of the Society of the friends of the people and versions of La Bruxelloise/La Brabançonne)

Week 3: 1848, the Second Republic, and the rise of feminism

(text: George Sand: lettre aux membres du comité central)


Week 4: Liberalism and the Biedermeier period :

(Text:Büchner's play, Woyzeck)
Week 5: March Revolution 1848

(text: extracts from Memoirs of an idealist, Malwida von Meysenbug)


Week 7: 1816-30, The Bourbon Restoration, censorship, and secret societies

(texts - Giacomo Leopardi, 'All'Italia'; Alessandro Manzoni, 'Marzo 1821')
Week 8: 1831-48, The Giovine Italia and the cradle of Risorgimento

(text Cristina Trivulzio di Belgiojoso, Stato attuale dell'Italia)

Iberian peninsula and beyond

Week 9: Spanish exiles and the Romantic revival
Week 10: Revolution in Latin America

(text Proclamacion de la independencia de Chile)

Week 11. Revision
An overview of the key themes examined during the course of the module, with a particular focus on comparing and contrasting revolution and reaction in all the countries studied