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LN306 Developing Teaching in Languages

Module Code: LN306
Module Name: Developing Teaching in Languages
Module Coordinator: Teresa MacKinnon
Term 2 Time: Thursdays 11:00-13:00 Room: S0.08
Module Credits: 15

Module Description

This module is open to you if you have worked as a language assistant during your Year Abroad, have participated actively in the Adopt a Class project, or if you have some other relevant teaching experience (please contact the module convenor, Teresa MacKinnon, with any queries about this). The module comprises the following elements:

  • a placement in the Modern Foreign Language department of a local secondary school (equivalent to 5 days in total*)
  • a series of seminars exploring current trends in and critical approaches to foreign language education and pedagogy
  • practical workshops on current processes and practices in foreign language school teaching in the UK (led by the CPE)
  • practical workshops to create and modify digital language learning resources (led by SMLC)

The module places a strong emphasis on research and reflection: you will be asked to draw on your own experiences of the language learning process, and will engage with the following themes:

  • Multilingualism and diversity in the classroom
  • Research-led teaching and learning
  • Using technologies and media in language teaching
  • Creating resources for language learning
  • Language learning skills and autonomy
  • Using Story and Text in language teaching

Your research and reflection will be guided by specialist tutors from SMLC, and you will build an e-portfolio which demonstrates both your critical engagement with the topics and your reflections on teaching and learning processes relating to them. Placements will usually be arranged on one afternoon a week during the 10 week term according to timetabling of participants.

* Placements will usually be arranged on one afternoon a week during the 10 week term according to the timetables of participants.


e-portfolio (100%)

Professional Activity Log (formative assessment task)